Coaching for a new start: overcoming limiting thinking


Coaching for a new start: overcoming limiting thinking

The 'Coaching to Start Again' Programme

Take the first step with my new coaching programme to start again and work with me to overcome your biggest limiting thought.

The programme called #restartwithcoaching is the programme of Coaching for a new start specific in which to resume, with my helpto do something close to your heart.

It is the Short Coaching Course with me, focusing on the effort to take the first step to overcome limiting thinking and thus finally initiate a project, challenge or change with awareness and right impulse for change.

I am not talking about physical effort, yes of course there is also the difficulty in getting going, but I mean in particular the effort to deal with the little voice inside that you constantly dialogue with, and that does everything to hold you back and discourage you.

Limiting thought

That voice has a name and it is called Limiting Thought. Limiting Thought manifests itself constantly, in different shapes and colours, and often accompanies the moment when making the first step, that of starttowards something that attracts and is strongly desired but still tiring.

How to overcome limiting thinking

First of all, it is important to discover and realise how such thoughts reoccur, on which occasions, and then reason about the alternatives, explore different possibilities of using personal resources and identify new ideas.

We can work on this together: even try to start the Coaching for a Fresh Start can be held back by limiting thinking, but here, making the first step is easy!

The first step is KNOWING each other!

If you like, you can look at the VIDEO with my interview (in Italian) in which I talk about how coaching works and how to take the first step.

Start again with Coaching

It's easy to start the programme, and you can do so, at this time, with a special promotion!

Go to the Information Form in the CONTACTS and reports #restartwithcoaching in the subject line: you will then get a 20% reduction on the amount of this coaching course with me.

See you soon!