Action for Happiness Community


Action for Happiness Community

Action for Happiness: a global movement to recognise beauty and gratitude

Action for Happiness, a UK-based charity, is the movement that brings attention to everyday actions and small life experiences, in all its dimensions, that stimulate emotions and feelings of well-being.

The purpose is to train ourselves to recognise the beauty around us.

In fact, happiness is only partly freedom from material need. Whereas the prerequisite for happiness is the ability to fully involve oneself in every aspect of life, even those that seem less significant.

How to train for happiness


Training for happiness means learning to reconnect with the present moment and thus realising what makes us feel good in a specific moment and finding reasons to be grateful.

For example, at the end of the day, note the 3 things to be thankful for because they did not go as badly as you thought and rejoice in them. 

Or pay attention to what is happening to people near and dear to us, and engage in small positive actions such as sending a note of encouragement if a person needs encouragement and support.

Check out the Action for Happiness website where you can find calendars where you can find gratitude and wellbeing inspiration for every day of the month.